Rare HQ pics of the kids in Hawaii in 2010

Pics Without tags

If there is any picture you would like to get WITHOUT TAGS just ask me, I’ll try to do my best to find it in my old files on my CP ;)

Rare picture of Baby Paris and MJ

Rare picture of Baby Paris and MJ

I’ve decided to post these pictures without tag, enjoy ;)


I’ve seen that some people compare pictures of MJ and of his kids to prove that they are his bilogical kids.
Really?Like, we don’t care, no one cares. Comparing their nose? their eyes? their mouth? just stop please, it’s getting stupid. NO ONE CARES, as long as he was there for them, he’s their dad that’s all, no proof is needed.


when I logged in this morning, I checked the Paris Jackson tag and I saw that someone posted a picture of Paris when she was in her hospital bed after her suicide!!! Don’t you guys understand that this pic should not be on tumblr? It’s her privacy and you should respect that. I’m done with these people who pretend to respect Paris but spend their whole time posting private things about her !

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